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2 Foster St, Maffra, VIC, 3860, Australia

Herd Health advises farmers, industry, research organisations and government in animal health, productivity and profitability. We underpin veterinary, epidemiology and economics skills with data analysis to advance animal health, performance and profitability.

Our skills

We combine veterinary medicine, epidemiology, data mining, statistics, modelling and animal health economic skills to identify opportunities in animal production. Our suite of skills and experience enable us to investigate complex animal production system problems.

Our services

We operate at farm, regional, industry and government levels. We know that most problems impacting on animal production systems are highly complex and multi-disciplinary. Herd Health welcome these challenges - we want to bring our extensive skills and wide network of experts to address these problems. We will apply our expertise at all levels - from individual farm through region and industry to national level - so please contact us to discuss your problem and requirements.