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2 Foster St, Maffra, VIC, 3860, Australia


1. Animal health investigations using skills in data analysis, epidemiology, nutrition and farm economics. This includes disease and production investigations.

2. Population-based disease investigation, management, biosecurity and control. We are experts at developing and implementing cost-effective intervention/control strategies and biosecurity systems at farm, industry or national level.

3. Scientific study design (including power analysis to determine study size), conduct, collection and analysis of data and reporting of results.

4. Corporate governance. We have formal training in corporate governance and board experience on profit- and not-for-profit boards. We have managed organisation research portfolios providing guidance in research priorities, project development, study design, study report assessment and formation of multi-disciplinary teams.

5. Computer modelling. Modelling provides a powerful, cost-effective and timely way to investigate complex problems. Modelling can be used to identify best courses of action, identify critical control points, pin-point missing information, estimate response and to investigate market potential.

6. Surveillance system development and management. This can be for an individual farm, farming group or for a region or industry.

7. Literature research, scientific writing and production of reports, technical manuals and formal publications tailored for a specific audience.

8. Carbon Neutral Agriculture. We offer training and services for farmers, investors and farm suppliers in latest technology and systems for identifying, measuring and abating greenhouse gas sources and sinks on farms.

9. Drug evaluation and registration. Design and conduct of trials to national standards – such as APVMA, FDA, EMA and VICH.