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2 Foster St, Maffra, VIC, 3860, Australia


Herd Health is a specialist animal health company founded in 1998 by Dr Richard Shephard after a ten year career as a veterinary clinician. Herd Health was formed to provide farm management consultancy and monitoring services for farmers across health, nutrition, pasture management, budgeting, finance, biosecurity and greenhouse gas production, sources and sinks, abatement and carbon footprint calculation. We apply extensive post-graduate training in epidemiology, data analysis, statistics and computer modelling to define, analyse, model and diagnose animal health and production problems and monitor controls using a farming systems approach to problem solving.

We work for industry organisations such as Rural Development Corporations, Animal Health Australia, departments of agriculture, research organisations and for private companies. We seek and form collaborative teams for large projects or cross-disciplinary projects. We like identifying required skill sets and finding individuals and organisations from other fields to complete projects to the standard that we demand. We enjoy these challenges and actively seek them out.