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Priority list of endemic diseases of the red meat industry

Richard led the review of the most important endemic diseases of the red meat industry in Australia for Meat & Livestock Australia. This is the most downloaded report on the MLA web site. The report describes the economic impact of key diseases of grazing cattle, sheep and goats in Australia. The 2022 update is available on the MLA web site and here: Priority_list_of_endemic_diseases_of_red_meat_industry_2022. This report is used by industry, university, pharmaceutical companies and producers to identify opportunities for improved animal health.

South Africa Large Herds Conference 2019

Richard presented his paper on the blueprint for cows in pasture-based dairying in Port Elizabeth, South Africa in 2019 (paper: Blueprint_for_cows_SALH, presentation: Blueprint_for_cows_SALH). Richard expands on the concepts presented at AARES (see below). Real case studies showcase the important concepts. Pasture-based dairy farms are better able to optimise land performance and farm profitability with herds of modest productive capacity but fertile cows.

Australasian Agricultural & Resource Economics Society (AARES) Conference 2019

Richard and Professor Bill Malcolm presented papers exploring impact of cow genetic selection programs on whole farm profitability of Australian dairy farms (paper: AARES Dairy Genetics, Performance and Profit Trends Paper. Presentation: AARES Dairy Genetics, Performance and Profit Trends Presentation). We discuss the misuse of genetics indices as a proxy for whole farm profit and describe how cow genetics should best be used to improve farm profitability (Geneticization of farm management advice)

Fertility versus production in Tasmanian dairy cows

Richard presented his views on the most valuable trait for Tasmanian dairy farmers to focus on when selecting sires for their herds (RedSky_The_Cow_For_Tassie)

Cow & herd benchmark changes across transition from pure- to cross-breed cows in one herd

Richard explored cow-level and herd-level changes in physical and financial performance of a spring-calving herd as the breed was changed from Friesian to 2-way and then 3-way cross-breed. This shows herd (farm level) performance to be only weakly linked to cow performance in grazing systems (Cow and herd benchmark changes in a herd that transitioned to cross-breed cows)

InCalf Book for Dairy Farmers (Edn 2)

Richard edited and updated many chapters of the second edition of the InCalf Book in his role as the InCalf Project Leader for Dairy Australia. (Dairy Australia: InCalf Book for Dairy Farmers)

Case studies on herd reproductive performance management

Richard led the development of these practical farmer-orientated case studies of herd reproductive and financial performance. These case studies have proven very popular with dairy farmers and advisers as the industry strives to improve dairy cow reproduction (Dairy Australia: InCalf Reproduction Case Studies)

MLA Priority Endemic Diseases Report

The final MLA report estimating the total costs of key diseases of beef cattle, sheep and goats in Australia including an estimate of the achievable returns from improved control of disease is available below. Richard led development of the economic assessment methodology and framework for assessing the whole-farm impact of endemic diseases in the Australian red meat industry (MLA: B.AHE.0100 Final Report)

Cattle Compensation Fund of Victoria BJD Review Report

The final report to the Victorian Cattle Compensation Fund summarising the epidemiology of Bovine Johne’s Disease, assessing and evaluating the (BJD) test and control (TCP3) program, evaluating feedback from stakeholders and examining options for the future management of BJD is available via the link below (BJD CCF Final Project Report)

Bovine Viral Diarrhoea Virus (BVDV)

Richard has examined the physical and financial impacts of bovine viral diarrhoea virus (BVDV) in Australian dairy herds used detailed computer simulation modelling. These documents describe the construction of the BVDV farm-level model and the assessment of the impact of BVDV and various control programs for BVDV on farm economic performance (BVD Model Simulation Summary Report? & BVD Model Simulation Report)

Geoffrey Gardiner Dairy Foundation

The commissioned review of dairy cow fertility report conducted for the GGDF is available via the link below. Richard and Rob Woolaston produced this highly-regarded report (Gardiner Foundation 2011: Dairy Reproduction Review Report)

Selected peer-reviewed published papers

VetParasit 2022 Systematic review and meta-analysis of impact of strongyles on cattle growth
AnProdSci 2021 Australian cattle herd: a new perspective on structure, performance and production
NZVJ 2018 Estimation of Se and Sp of pregnancy tests
NZVJ 2018 Supplement Estimation of Se and Sp of Pregnancy Tests
AVJ 2016 Economics of BJD
An rep Sci 2014: Effectiveness of GnRH at AI on conception rate
NZVJ 2013: Effectiveness of eCG in the treatment of anoestrous cows
ACV 2019 Embryonic loss risk factor study